Wednesday 2 May 2018


I use writing in many ways in my reflective practice and CPD as a youth work professional and more generally in my personal life. As well as this I write short stories, poetry (a few are on this site) and am developing the skills necessary to write a novel. 

I also consider pictures to be means to understanding and enjoy illustrating my articles and posts whether it is a photograph from an anti-war demo or a drawing of a mnemonic or an idea that catches me.
Much of my writing is about education and development and is influenced by my experiences as a youth worker in the East End of London and my travels further afield. 

Originally from Ireland, displacement and perspective feature heavily in my writing as well as ways to explore experience and learning in ways that develop an individual and society.

A year long experiment in reflective practice. I put myself on a course, call it a journey, an education or a treatment to cure. 52 Quotes in 52 weeks. I was looking for life inspiration from others. To be moved and motivated. To examine and enlighten my experiences. Learning from the learned. Words from the wise.

52 random acts of kindness that each take under 52 seconds. One action each week, over a year takes less than an hour of your life.

My experience of writing, from coming out as a writer to advice from other writers and reviews. My learning and development as a writer.
My Illustration Style


We all love lists. Ok some more than others. I have created
some I've found either easiest to understand or to follow.


Where to Write. Starting to review locations suitable for writing according to 15 criteria from the breathability to creativity.


An early blog I carried out over some years of youth work called: Ways To Make the World A Better Place

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