Sunday 21 January 2018

On Writing: 5 Short Stories

Words: 100
Theme/Genre: Flash fiction on memory 
Why? Poor memory, recent Alzheimer developments and the use of memory for writing bring my fears to mind. The challenge was to write those fears in 100 words.
Published by: Friday Flash Fiction

Words: 360
Theme/Genre: Flash fiction fairy tale on the struggles of individuals V's society
Why? My three brother's were the inspiration for this. I tried to capture something of their individual talents and characters and their unifying and universal quests as men.  
Published by: Flash Flood Journal

Words: 500
Theme/Genre: Short story addressing the set theme 'Curiosity'. 
Why? Initially 'curiosity killed the cat' came to mind, followed by the over -used Schrodinger's cat. I veered clear of cats turning instead to the fear and excitement of the unknown, from the curiosity shop window to that of a relationship.
Published by: Dear Damsels


Words: 479
Theme/Genre: Flash fiction addressing the theme 'Punk'
Why? Relationships can get a little rusted, pins can hold  anything together and rebellion comes in many guises.

 Paper and Ink Literary Zine (2017, p. 17)

Under the Gaze of the Lion

Words: 710
Theme/Genre: Short story
Why? Prompted by visits to The Last Tuesday Society in London's East End and Ireland's Fota Wild life & Conservation Park in Cork.
Published by: Ellipsis Zine

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