Wednesday, 14 April 2021


Most of these stories are flash fiction or micros from the past year... writing in between work and volunteering... responding to what's going on in the world and my head ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Under the Kitchen Table SVJ Schuylkill Valley Journal 

⏩ Trespass to the Person Versification Misfit Micros

A Body of Water Reflex Fiction

Orphan Negative Paragraph Planet 

White Line  Gone Lawn

Forced Moulting Gone Lawn

Like Rain  Blues Doodles 

⏩ She Leaves Offerings on Doorsteps Schuylkill Valley Journal (Print)

⏩ The Unbirthday at the Border Schuylkill Valley Journal (Print)

⏩ There is no Ocean in the Bucket  Schuylkill Valley Journal (Print)

Rot  Reflex Fiction 

Meat Raffle  Janus Literary Journal

I Wear Other People  EllipsisZine

Providing Opportunities For Another to Excel  50 - Word Stories

On the 11th day of Christmas   Paragraph Planet 

Sowing Sea Meadows   Litro

⏩ The Man I Live With The Hunterian - Alcohol in the Archives Journal

How I Wonder   Friday Flash Fiction

Pine  Friday Flash Fiction

⏩ Between Rivers  City Lit Anthology: Between the Lines 2020 (Print & Ebook )  

Menhirs  Friday Flash Fiction

The Black-lacquered Bowl  Fudoki

The Succulent  50 - Word Stories

Beans  Mum Life Stories - Competition & Anthology

⏩ The Indentation of Pearls  Hysteria 21 - Competition and Anthology

Dear Joy  Friday Flash Fiction

The Proper Respect for Water  London Independent Story Prize

Bubble-wrap and Brown Paper  Virtualzine

⏩ Cloudburst '72  The London Reader - Cyberpunk 2020 1ssue

Contact Lenses  Reflex Fiction

Connected  Paragraph Planet

⏩ Overcharged with Dead  Mslexia Issue #87 (Print)

Remington Made Typewriters  Friday Flash Fiction

Paper Cranes  50 - Word Stories

Duck and Cover  Liars League - Performed by Lin Sagovsky

Landed My First Kick-flip  Paragraph Planet

Covid Time Capsule Items List (Archive Copy)  100 Words of Solitude - Life in the Time of Corona

a measurement of silence in one hundred words  Fish Publishing - Lockdown Prize & Anthology

⏩ The Berlin Heart  Paper and Ink Literary Zine #16 - The Rebellion Issue (Print)

⏩ Circle Time  Bridge House Publishing - Waterloo Festival Competition Anthology

Rubin's Vase  NFFD Flash Flood Journal

⏩ The Karma Economy  Crack the Spine: The Year Anthology (Print)

⏩ 7 Photos Lie on My Mother's Body  Thorn Literary Magazine

⏩ Rising and Falling with the Sea  Thorn Literary Magazine

The Birthday Cake Approaches  Paragraph Planet

Tulips for the Homeless  Reflex Fiction

The Room on the Ledge  The Wellington Review Issue #5

⏩ The Cubital Fossa  EllipsisZine Issue #7: She Cries Honey Anthology (Print)

Other Uses for a Woman's Body  Lunate - International Women's Day Micro Competition

⏩ Life Sentence Mslexia: Issue #85 (Print)

Pancakes  Paragraph Planet

⏩ Harvest  Crack the Spine: Neighbours Anthology (Print)

Fruit is the New Gold  Paragraph Planet

Submarine  Jellyfish Review: Issue #51 Metalheads

⏩ Red Grass  The London Reader: The Motherhood Issue   (Print)

My Father the Somniloquist  Short Edition: Online and Story Dispensers 

⏩ Flamingos of the Salinas  Spread the Word: City of Stories Anthology (Print)

⏩ My Mother Left Me for a Tree  Retreat West: Word for Freedom - Anthology Celebrating 100 years of Women's Suffrage (Print)

The Old Man and The Balloon  The Magnolia Review - Balloon Issue

Under the Gaze of the Lion  EllipsisZine

⏩ Rusted  Paper and Ink Literary Zine # - The Punk Issue (Print)

The Shop of Preserved Curiosities  Dear Damsels - Curiosity Issue

Soul Brothers  NFFD Flash Flood Journal

Lost Words   Friday Flash Fiction 

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