Sunday 11 November 2018

My Mother Left me for a Tree

The Word For Freedom

A collection of 24 short stories celebrating a hundred years of women’ suffrage, from writers inspired by the suffragettes and whose stories, whether set in 1918, the current day or the future, focus on the same freedoms that those women fought for so courageously.

Through this anthology Retreat West Books is proud to support Hestia and the UK Says No More campaign against domestic abuse and sexual violence.


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My Mother Left Me for a Tree is a short story exploring how feelings around abandonment may not concern themselves with how loss occurs - whether someone dies, leaves or isn't emotionally present. And how/if these feelings manifest may not be as expected.

The Word for Freedom is available  to buy in kindle and paperback. Proceeds go to Hestia who  support over 9,000 adults & children in crisis across London every year with their experiences of domestic abuse, modern slavery & mental health needs.

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