Sunday 3 April 2016

52x52: Kiva

52 random acts of kindness that each take under 52 seconds. One action each week, over a year takes less than an hour of your life.

Give someone who needs it, a loan to grow a business, go to school or to do something like switch to clean energy. Once you sign up to Kiva, it takes under a minute to give a loan to someone in need. You choose who you think would make best use of your $25 investment and then other people like you, will do the same until that person has enough to do what they want to do. Then they repay the loan and you can reinvest again in someone else. 

Out of seven loans I have had four repaid and the remaining three are repaying, and I've reinvested the repaid loans so have now five in progress. I've also given Kiva vouchers to family and friends who have gone on to make more loans which amount to over a hundred more loans. So Kiva grows in many ways.

And just in case you were wondering, the overall Kiva organization repayment rate to date is 98.32%

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