Saturday 12 September 2015

In the Rising Tide of the Right Hope Springs Eternal

Watching Jeremy Corbyn being announced as the new Labour leader I said to my Mum that she would remember this day in the future. That she would remember being in London the day Corbyn took his first step to becoming Priminister in 2020.

I look back to May and the day the Tory's won the election. I also broke my arm that day but this event was totally eclipsed by the more far-reaching event which promised 5 more years of  the rising tide of the rich, cutting the poor off from opportunities, flooding already deprived areas more poor, leaving some people stranded without a paddle and some just drowning in debt. The rising tide does not lift all.

I remember talking with former colleagues about the changes we hoped to see in Labour. In some ways I was relieved that the Labour of May 8th didn't win. I wanted a Labour left to be in power not a middle-right. Back then Corbyn wasn't even in the picture. And in less than four months my hopes have been realised.

So, when people say he hasn't a 'hope' of being elected in 2020, I remember in May that he wasn't even in the race which he won today. If that can happen in four months, imagine what can happen in five years...

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