Sunday 5 June 2016

52x52: Turn it Down

52 random acts of kindness that each take under 52 seconds. One action each week, over a year takes less than an hour of your life.

Someone from the council came to my door saying there had been complaints about a neighbour and the noise coming from their home. I was asked if I had noticed any. I said that living in a community, literally on top of each other and joined at the hip (in maisonettes) that we were bound to hear each others lives. Whether it was children crying, power tools, washing machines, car alarms or adults arguing, I hadn't heard anything out of the ordinary of people living cheek by jowl.

Noise pollution is a problem, I know. Factories issue ear plugs and children wear ear defenders at loud events. Sleep, concentration and hearing can be ruined by noise. However if we pay attention to the personal space of everyone we won't go wrong. If my music is loud enough for other's to hear, maybe I should turn it down. Or get sound proofing or earphones. If my washing machine is loud perhaps I could insulate the sound better or ensure it only goes through its spin cycle in daylight hours. If I'm in the cinema or theatre I'm aware of switching my phone off but also avoiding noisy food or packaging and chatting all the way through like I might on my sofa watching TV at home. 

I wouldn't physically invade another person's personal space without their consent but I know that at times if I am loud in some way I can aurally. So I am going to be more aware, reminding myself of when I hear those loud beeps, warnings and announcements on the train and how much their invasion irritate me that the same applies to the noise I make and the effect it has on other people.

So this week be aware of the noise you make and turn it down. 

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