Saturday 18 July 2015

Gift Legacy

In 4 Ways to Find Purpose in Any Job, Steve Errey, talks about legacy as a 'gift of property, by will' (see Viscott's version here). People like Gandhi and Mother Teresa made their marks and we can make ours, in everyday life:

'[L]ook at your legacy as something you possess that you can gift to others, by your own free will. Time, consideration, skill, empathy, hospitality, experience—all of these things and more are things you can gift to others.'

This is not just for work but can pertain to all areas of life. There is so much we posess which we can gift to others: patience, love, peace, undertanding, joy, laughter...

And the simplest gifts at a time in need can be the best.

Sometimes all we need is a smile.

For more on the power of the smile check out 52x52: Smile

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