Monday 20 July 2015

52x52: Count to 10

52 random acts of kindness that each take under 52 seconds. One action each week, over a year takes less than an hour of your life.

Patience is hard when we don't feel it, when we are in a hurry or frustrated with life. Counting to ten isn't about letting that anger or urgency go, necessarily, sometimes we need it to drive us forward. Counting to ten is about giving the other people, who may be feeling just as we do, that space when they are trying to get to grips with something not going quite according to plan. We are not going to add to their load. Who knows someone might be doing the same for you.

So when that cashier drops all your coins or the tele-sales person starts their script or a member of your family does that thing they do...count to ten. Not just for the distraction and time, but to remind you that once you couldn't count to ten. You can't remember. But there was a time that you had to learn to count to ten and that was a much harder thing to do and you did it. 

While you are waiting in that queue, why not download an app and learn to count to ten in a new, due, tre... who knows where it might lead you.

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