Monday 6 April 2015

Docupoetry: Kaiser


With designer streets
Of designer clothes
Ebor street
Opens up the argument
In Shoreditch
For a reply
Her voice arrived
Before she did
Cutting through
The gentrified air
Adding colour
To the graffiti
'Because you're male
And I'm female' she said.
Amidst the cursing
And swearing
And pointing
At the injustice
Hanging there
Plain to see
Unlike his manhood
She shouts down the side street
At one of four young men
Not saying a word
That could be heard
Over the tirade of abuse
She waged
And staged
Standing in the middle of the road
Her oversized striped
Lumberjack type shirt
Saggy tracky bottoms
And greasy short hair
Scraped back
Into a tiny pony tail
That did nothing
Or for appearance
But balanced her profile
Standing defiantly
And with the nonchalance
Of only someone
With a chip on her shoulder
She's had so long
It's a comfort
A cushion
To lay her head on at night
When the gentrified air turns cold
And regeneration provides
No roof
Over her head,
Or calms
Her head
This is her home
They are walking through
They should have more respect
And to a woman
Don't they know?
She wonders
Leaning up
Against the street art
The wallpaper of her world
Rolling a roly
In the great ashtray of her life
Only looking up
To berate the guys
Some more
Long gone
She swears at them
And at the world
And continues on
Past the street-long
Giant word
Turning left onto
Redchurch Street
Still cursing
Long forgotten deities
In London's
18th Century slums
And called by Engels
The worst conditions
Of the working class
In 19th century England
But today designer streets
With no room on the inside
For her
She is gone
But her voice remains
Screaming 'Kaiser'
At the very extremity
Of her range
The louder she shouts
The further the sound travels
And the wider her world
This is her personal space
She shouts
There is no reply
'Kaiser' she shouts again
Still nothing.
Is he the illusive
Keyser Söze
The Usual Suspects ask
He will not be found
The Shoreditch crowd
Concur and continue
To confer in
Trendy bars and cafes
With the 70s eclectic look
Of London in New York
With eco-friendly earthy names
Like HunterGather Cafe
So far from its cave man roots
Apart from the carrot juice
Banana cake and WiFi
How far we've come!
A dog ambles in
Through the open door
Skirts the legs of people and tables
Can't be taken seriously
Wearing a snood
For a collar
Is it a bandanna?
Dogs don't wear snoods
Dogs don't wear anything
Emperor's new clothes?
Emperor. Caesar. Kaiser.
A scream
'Get out Kaiser'
He's found
Tail between his legs
Follows her out
As the Barista
Says quietly
'There's no need to shout'
When in fact
There is

Bank Holiday Monday, the afternoon of April 6th 2015 Ebor Street, by Eine's graffiti piece 'Extortionists' and Red Church Street, once the worst slum in London and now a place for the hipsters and wealthy of London to shop and dine.

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