Monday 30 March 2015

Peacefully Within

Peacefully Within

We went in through the open door into the dark and quiet
And all we saw in that little room was his face in candle light.
He looked a man who did it well, with neither pain nor moan,
But who's to say there wasn't grief, for his wife is now alone.

I couldn't bear, seeing him there, remembering him so full of life,
So I continued on, down the hall, with pain that pierced like a knife,
Ne'er will I forget his wrinkled face and look of peacefulness
And that my heart it did touch and my soul it did caress.

Each time I passed the open door, n'er would I look in
For life was going on all around and death lay peacefully within

More on the origin of this poem in On Writing: Coming Out as a Writer

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