Tuesday 27 January 2015

Writers and Artists

So I have the ending to my book. Now what?

I look online. So many different ideas of the process ...which do I follow? What's the industry standard. Is there one?

I check out a book shop for books on writing. How do you know where they are? What are they under? Literature? Reference? Normally one book sticks out a mile - the Writers and Artists Yearbook. This big red door-stop of a book that we've had in the house many a year but usually a few years later than its published year and bought second hand because that's what we could afford.

I see it on the other side of the room. I pick up a couple of the books on writing and read the different back covers. Check out their contents pages. How do I know if they're good?

I look at the Writers and Artists Yearbook. I check the blurb, the contents and a few of the articles. It seems to cover the bases. It's seen as industry standard. It's got good reviews. And its so heavy that I reckon there must be something in there somewhere of value. I decide to buy it despite the fact it's £20 and am pleased to find, that when I take it to the cashier with my loyalty card, that I'm on my last stamp so get it for £10.

I am happy. I am happy not only because I have a definitive guide to what to do next but because it's the Writers and Artists Yearbook of 2015 and its still only January of that year.

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