Sunday 2 November 2014

The Big Bang Theory of Thinking

The Battle of Sheldon

Sheldon, from 'The Big Bang Theory' stands in front of a whiteboard with his college Dr Koothrappali. They prepare to engage with the physics equation on the board. In silence they start. Rocky's Eye of the Tiger starts in the background. The scene cuts with the music to Sheldon and Koothrappali in different stances eyeing the equation, from standing in front of the table, to behind or leaning on it or upright with arms folded to leaning on a hip or hand to chin in thought. The music continues over the silent battle of wits.

Sheldon's Struggle

Sheldon's struggle with the problem or fight for the answer is an excellent expression of what it means when we as community workers have to give head space and time to an issue. When we just have to think about it. Not talk to someone about it. Not read about it. Not draw diagrams or charts or use calculators or weighing scales. We have to use our brains for the calculations and ideas as illustrations and metaphors, and our conscience and values do the weighing up.

In the Ring

And it can be as exhausting as going 10 rounds with a heavy weight. Your head hurts and your stomach churns. You can't tell up from down and the ring gets smaller the longer you are in it. You want the round to end. Sometimes the bell sounds when you least expect it and other times you are desperately waiting, watching for the signs. You want a referee to come in and break it up. And sometimes its a knockout and as you count to suddenly become conscious. And you're back in the ring. Back in the game. Able to give the wall of steel that's between you and victory, the killer punch.

Necessary Violence

The only violence that thinking people can advocate, is figurative - where the only battles lost and won are of the mind. Sometimes its quiet and sometimes we hear Eye of the Tiger.

The soundtrack of our lives never lies – listen.

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