Wednesday 12 November 2014

Biscuit Politics

As Tony Benn would ask:

How would you feel if you went to the dentist and they said I'm not a dentist myself, haven't learned anything about dentistry, or even read a book on it but my dads a dentist so I'll call myself a dentist? 

Tony Benn, 2011

Tony Benn considered inheriting a title in a similar vein, so renounced his title of Viscount on that basis, which it why it's surprising to read in the Guardian that his son Stephen, is now reclaiming this heriditary peerage.

Speaking at rally in Trafalgar Square 2011
Sadly, he hasn't inherited his father's other title - 'socialist'! No that's something you have to work at and believe in and isn't just a badge you stick on when you fancy it.

Biscuit politics. They are most secure in the shop, labelled, in the packet or box or biscuit tin, with all the other biscuits. On their own, in the hands of the public, it doesn't matter which biscuit you choose, if you hold them in hot water long enough they will break and fall, whether they are chocolate or plain, they all create a splash before finally sinking to the bottom.

Tony Ben wasn't a biscuit, he was the biscuit tin and now he's gone, unfortunately, some of the biscuits have now fallen apart and are just a pile of crumbs. Try dunking that in your tea!

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