Saturday 14 May 2022


Check out some of my online flash fiction which includes nature, growth in all its connotations and climate concerns around weather, environment, migration, mental health, fertility, cycles and inequality. From 50 words anthropomorphising a succulent to speculative fiction about babies sold in convenience stores or houses with built-in skies.


🌴  The Fish Tank Mangroves Canopy - Urban Tree Festival Shortlist 

🌴  The Norwegian Spruce Seeds of the Svalbard Vault UTF Longlist

🌴  The Life Cycle of Fire & Note Craft

🌴  Always Sunset Retreat West Flash Festival Competition

🌴  Plink Paragraph Planet

🌴  Eclipsed Spread the Word & London Wildlife Trust This is Our Place Anthology

🌴  Woodbine Reflex Fiction Autumn 2021 Flash Fiction Competition (4th place) 

🌴  The Acorns of Bartlett Park  Sydney Gardens Park Bath Tree Weekender prose winner. 

🌴  Watermelon Metropolis Litro Magazine - Nature Issue

🌴  Convenience Store Babies Janus Literary Issue 5

🌴  Twenty-one Species of Fish Called Sardine  Oxford Flash Fiction Prize Winner

🌴  No Birds' Nests in the Tree Next Door NFFD Flash Flood Journal  

🌴  Sowing Sea Meadows   Litro 

🌴  The Succulent  50 - Word Stories

🌴  Tulips for the Homeless  Reflex Fiction  

🌴  Other Uses for a Woman's Body  Lunate Int. Women's Day Micro Competition Winner


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