Sunday 8 March 2020

Other Uses for a Woman's Body

'Other Uses for a Woman's Body' was written to address Lunate's themed competition for International Women's Day. As I usually write with more than one theme in mind when our Idea Store Creative Writing Class tutor talked about Green Week at the library and writing themed flashes for that I entwined the themes with first line I liked as a starting point:

"When we ran out of sandbags we used our women's bodies."

"Other Uses for a Woman’s Body by Rosaleen Lynch. This story captivated us with a dystopian world and the sense of history and carefully constructed sense of family contained within. So much is achieved in this small story, containing a deeply compelling narrative voice and imagery that stuck with us long after we finished reading. It is a story that throws its reader into the deep-end of the action and keeps them there, unable to turn away from the unfolding events, rescuing them only at the very end with a sliver of hope"

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