Monday 10 February 2020


Harvest is a microfiction in Crack the Spine's themed anthology Neighbors, launched in February 2020. 

This was a strange little one for me. The prompt originally came from a creative writing workshop called Write On - Creative Writing Workshop (September 2019) run by the author Z. Nia Reynolds at the Waterloo Action Centre. Such a lovely supportive workshop with a range of writing activities - some of which I begrudgingly engaged in but all of which paid dividends in learning.

Writing to prescription is not my strong point so if asked to choose an item from a bag and use it as a prompt to write there and then, I panic. I have a contrary nature - I like boundaries but if they feel too tight I push against them or try to flip them over.

On this occasion I got a glass jar from the bag and although it was more of a Crème brûlée type, thoughts of jam jars and recycling, conservation and preservation came to mind. So my first line starts with the narrator holding a jam jar to collect and preserve someone's last breath. 

Maybe something to do with pollution levels of where I live in Tower Hamlets? This article talks about how our children are 'growing up with reduced lung capacity' because of this pollution. 

Some neighbours are better than others.

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