Wednesday 30 September 2015

Martian Worships Duct Tape

'The Martian' by Andy Weir is a wonderful tale of survival against the odds. Although the odds were better for a botanist's be able to 'science the hell out of this' and survive being the only man left on Mars, it was still his spirit which kept him going through adversity. How would any of us survive on an alien planet when we are left for dead...depends on your science, I suppose, and possible how much duct tape you have available. As Mark Watney, 'the Martian', puts it 'Duct tape should be worshipped'. I understand this sentiment – and although I may not have a roll on me, I always have a few lengths wound round and old credit card in my first aid pack in my bag and Ive often been glad of it.

Advantages of duct tape:
  • Tears without a scissors
  • Tears in strips
  • Strong
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to carry
  • Adhesive
10 uses for duct tape
  1. Patching up a tent or taping broken poles
  2. Sticking bubble wrap and wrapping postage parcels to keep shape & secure
  3. Use as grip for opening jars
  4. Protect floor from furniture streaks by applying strip to under legs of furniture
  5. Prevent wires and cords from becoming a trip hazard by fixing to ground
  6. Temporary stopping of leak in plumbing
  7. Patch for hole in shoe, waterproof coat or inflatables
  8. Remove fluff from clothes or pet hairs from couch
  9. Patch a bicycle inner tube
  10. Use for emergency splints or bandages or keeping a blister plaster on when sweating
Ps. Forgot No 11. For kidnapping purposes in thriller movies to prevent screaming

According to Today I Found Out, duct tape was invented as a waterproof tape for ammunition cases and was military green and was called 'duck tape' , possible for its green and waterproof properties later called duct tape for its use on ducts and coloured silver to match. However today we are advised that the one area we should not use duct tape is ironically, on ducts!

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