Thursday 17 September 2015

Birthday & Unbirthday Blog

It's been a year today since I started this blog. It is 365 days and 155 posts later and I don't know if I am any more enlightened but I have certainly learned a lot. 

I have learned that I have so much more to learn so have come to realise that a year will not be sufficient for my education. 

So while I celebrate a year of development I cannot celebrate the birth-day of the idea to write this blog ...much like birthdays in general, which I find difficult in an uncomfortable limelight, as if I don't deserve to be treated so specially. That guilt of having expectations of being treated specially - when actually secretly expecting this everyday. 

I don't want to wait for birthdays to treat people better.  I agree with Mokokomo Mokhonoana's aphorism :

If everyone was treated like they matter - everyday: birthdays wouldn't be so 'special'.

So as Lewis Carroll, describes in Through the Looking Glass - let's celebrate the Unbirthday - we have 364 of them a year compared to only 1 birthday.

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