Saturday 25 July 2015

Nostalgia: Turning Back Time

Retro is du jour. Vintage is trendy. Classic is cool.

Nothing can stop us wanting what we can't have. And the harder it is to get, sometimes the more we want it. From antiques to limited editions to the past.

However much we may want the past, time moves forward. We can have some of those feelings and familiarity with certain objects but they pass. They fit into the mental fabric that helps us negotiate the world and be better able to cope with the new, having learned from what's gone before. 

Nostalgia is fine if its an old record playing in the background of your life but if its up too loud or constantly tuning your life to its sound or changing the beat of your life to keep to its rhythm that's when scratches appear in the vinyl.

The T Shirt slogan connecting the pencil with the cassette is for people who remember them, but now its also for people who know what it means without remembering experiencing using a pencil to rewind or forward or return the tape of a cassette to its spools. We may be nostalgic about the past but we're not all going to go out and buy a cassette player and tapes just so we can turn back the spools with a pencil like time. Most of us will just buy the TShirt or post a picture online. Sometimes, it is the thought that counts.

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