Monday 13 July 2015

52x52: Buy Socks

52 random acts of kindness that each take under 52 seconds. One action each week, over a year takes less than an hour of your life. 

Why buy socks? Because as the organization The Joy of Sox contends, socks can be much harder for homeless people to obtain than food with disastrious consequences. One entrepreuner started the 'Wear a pair: Share a Pair' business idea and another company Bombas, reading that the most requested item in a homeless shelter was a pair of socks started the 'one for one model' (Triple Pundit, 2015). 

You don't have to start a business and 52 seconds is hardly enough time. However it is enough time to stop and think the next time you buy a pair of socks that you could buy another pair to give away.

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