Saturday 17 January 2015

Learning to Learn, with the Open University

My experience of the Open University includes talking to an older colleague about a course he used for stimulus, my daughter's part time degree study while working full time and my own CPD study at present for an MA. And of course the late night range of odd and wondrous programming which I grew up with.

The Open University outline what they consider the benefits of doing one of their courses, all of which I agree with.

  •  OU courses fit around your lifestyle and commitments because you choose when to study and it can be spread out over a longer period if necessary. This is useful when in employment already.
  • OU study is affordable, especially when financing is arranged to be paid back monthly & modules can be paid for separately. My daughter paid monthly for her education so is left with no debts.
  • OU courses of study are offered which do not require qualifying qualifications. This means greater accessibility.
  • OU courses are especially appropriate for people who get frustrated by classroom or formally academic learning, who to be in charge of their own learning.
And the Open University provide a range of free learning opportunities on Open Learn such as Learning to Learn, and 8 week course on change through learning for personal development.

Tony Benn was a great advocate of the Open University. His son received an honorary doctorate on his behalf at my daughter's OU graduation, where he told us of his fathers passion for life long learning and how he believed the age of compulsory education should not be raised to 18 but to 95! We were all inspired and my daughter went on to further study of a professional course in Learning and Development.

Such inspiration to learn reminds me again of the quote:

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