Wednesday 21 January 2015

Do the Most Good Thing: A Most Violent Year

Abel Morales tries, in A Most Violent Year, when the paths fork, to 'do the most good thing'. We should not be surprised when his name is a play on the words able and morals. It is a tense thriller with violence and the constant threat of violence and we wait on tenterhooks to see if he will give in. Will he take, what some call, the 'easy' route? The path of least resistance for everyone else .Everyone around him wants him to fight violence with violence. Will he? How far will he go? We wonder,  what we would do in his situation?

A brilliant examination of the morals of business in New York in one of its most violent years, 1981. It would be interesting to see how Abel Morales would apply the Theory of Change to achieving his goals. Does he heed Gandhi's plea to:

'Be the Change You Want to See in the World'

...or does the world change him instead?

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