Thursday 25 December 2014

A Christmas Poem: The Christmas That I Love

A Christmas Wreath of Helping Hands

The Christmas That I Love
White Christmas on the radio
Spotting the first drop of snow
Tangerines and clementines
 Family, friends and good times

Hanging the Christmas stockings
Highstreet and online shopping
Dickens' A Christmas Carol
Christmas jumper apparel

Candles flicker frosted pine
Christmas markets and mulled wine
Animated three Snow Kings
Shepherds tea towels n' angel wings

Brusselssprouts and potato peels
Christmas carols and leftover meals
Christmas tree and fairy lights
Sweets and treats and more delights

Hospital visits and good cheer
Skies so bright, day and nights so clear
A Christmas tree of green hands
Sounds of Salvation Army bands

Sherry trifle Christmas pudding
Wrapping presents, hiding things
Christmas dinner and paper hats
Cracker jokes and cheery chat

End of Year TV Roundups
Hot-chocolate marshmallow cups
Children's Christmas party games
Santas suitcase n'candy canes

Trying to make mum's stuffing
Hearing the New Year bells ring
Sitting in cafes to write
Watching Its a Wonderful Life

None of this can ever matter
Nothing can make me happier
Not a world of Christmas Fayre
Is Christmas without you there

A Christmas Tree of Hands

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