Friday 26 September 2014

The Smallest Group

My Open University course information referred to reflective practice in terms of a conversation with yourself (Moon, 2006). In those terms I could regard the smallest group, not to be me and another person but me and the me that evolves with reflection. So then when Mead speaks of small groups and their ability, as thoughtful and committed citizens, to change the world, maybe I can start with the smallest group - past me, present me and future me.

I can see this blog as a reflective diary or learning journal which as Moon (2006) describes is a continuous conversation with myself where I am setting questions and exploring answers and learning from my experiences as I might in a conversation with a like-minded friend. As Moon puts it 'A journal is a friend that is always there...'

This friend I hope to share with, learn from and evolve to be a better friend in the future, more thoughtful and committed and better able to change the world.

 Moon, J. (2006) Learning Journals, 2nd edn, London, Routledge

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